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Wonder Woman 1984 Cosplay Costumes Features

Wonder Woman 1984 Cosplay Costumes Features
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Wonder Woman is here to save the trashy year that 2020 has been. The sequel to the first movie, titled Wonder Woman 1984 released this Christmas on 25th December and has been the subject of a lot of appreciation and criticism. Unlike the universally loved first movie, the sequel was divisive. One of the topics of the division was the suit in the new movie. People who loved Batman vs Superman or even the first wonder woman movie liked the muted colours. In this movie, the colours are brighter. But that’s not the only difference. So let us look at the various features of this new suit and figure out how to get the look.

Features of Diana’s New Wonder Woman 1984 Suit

dc wonder woman 1984 new movie

  • The colours: Diana’s suit of armor in this movie matches that of her comic book look perfect. The red and blue pops out a lot and it looks great. Personally, the bright colours look optimistic and help give Diana the look of the optimistic and compassionate hero she is.
  • The skirt:It would be wrong to call the lower part of her suit a skirt since it’s more like a part of the whole armor, made to make movement easier. But the skirt is an easier way to distinguish the blue portion of the suit. To make that part you need to use thick leather cutouts. Look at pictures of that part on the internet and then cut out the design on a thick and long leather strip in that manner. Use blue spray paint to get that bright colour.
  • The upper armor: To make the upper armor you need to use leather and strong thick fabric. You will also need foam to give the suit the volume it needs. Also, the upper portion of the suit has designs that you can make by using a marker to create an illusion of the grooves throughout the suit. After that, you need to make the eagle symbol on top of the red part of the armor. For this, look at various pictures of the suit on the internet and then use thick and sturdy leather pieces to cut out the design on it. After that, you need to spray it with gold paint. If you find this part difficult to make then just buy it on the internet.
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  • Golden belt:This belt is easy to make. All you need to do is cut out a thick strip of leather in the same design and then spray paint it gold.
  • The boots: Note that the boots are difficult to make since it consists of a lot of little moving parts. As such, it’s advised that you buy it on a cosplay selling site. It will be cheaper and will save you a lot of effort.
  • Arm braces: To make the arm braces you can use strong cardboard with foam. First, cut out the cardboard to fit your arms, and then use the foam to get the volume you want. Now, look at the design of the braces by googling a picture of the suit. Then draw the outline of that design and colour it using silver spray paint. Now use black paint to give depth to the grooves on the braces.
  • The headband or tiara: This is easy to make as well. You will need to first measure the circumference of your head. Then use thick cardboard to cut out the design of the headband. Now use golden spray paint to colour it. After this, take the circumference measurement and cut out velcro straps accordingly. Attach the two sides of the velcro straps on the cardboard cutout and you are all ready to put it on.

How to make the golden eagle armor?

wonder woman new golden eagle armor suit

The new armor is presented in the sequel is called the Golden Eagle armor. It’s not difficult to make at all. You will first need a thick, full-body golden suit. Then you will need to use foam and cardboard to make the chest and leg armor. Look at pictures on the internet to get accurate designs. After that, you will have to make the headpiece and wings. While you can make it using cardboard and foam, but it will be time-consuming. Not to mention the fact that you need to be a good sculptor to get the designs right. As such, it’s advised that you simply buy these pieces off the internet.

So, this is how you make the new revitalized suit as well as the golden armor in Wonder Woman 1984. With this, you will be all ready to jump into any comic book convention and impress people. Note that if you feel the suit is too difficult to make then simply order one from simcosplay.