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Star Wars Rey Skywalker Cosplay Guide

Star Wars Rey Skywalker Cosplay Guide
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The Star Wars series has got millions of fans across the globe. It introduced many amazing characters and fans loved both good characters and characters on the dark side of the Force. Rey Skywalker is one of the most popular characters portrayed superbly by Daisy Ridley. It can be an amazing character to cosplay if you love the Star Wars series.

Who is Rey Skywalker?

who is rey

Rey is the leading protagonist in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. She first appeared in The Force Awakens and became a popular name among the Star Wars movie series fans. Her parents abandoned her on Jakku. She grew as a scavenger.

Rey’s destiny changed when she supported a droid on an important mission for the Resistance. She soon discovered that she is powerful and then she decided to become train under the Jedi Master Luke Skywalker.

Rey did not succeed to bring Kylo Ren back to the light. However, she continued her training and became familiar with her hidden connection with Kylo. The greatest test of her life was waiting for her that will decide the fate of the entire galaxy.

Rey’s story touched many hearts. Viewers quickly became her fan and now she is a renowned Star Wars character. You will indeed gain a huge appreciation if you cosplay Rey!

Why cosplay Rey Skywalker?

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Rey is young, attractive, and the real survivor. Her kindness is not hidden from anyone, but she is also quite tough. This brave girl survived alone and she scavenged to live the life she has gotten. Rey did not choose to hate people because of what happened to her. She believes in humanity and that’s why fans love her.

Rey needed money but she did not sell BB8. Thus, she becomes one of the brightest stars of the Star Wars movie franchise. Her iconic character can make fans cheer anywhere. Cosplaying Rey Skywalker is a great idea, especially if you are choosing a character from the sequel trilogy.

Rey Skywalker Costume guide:

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Although it looks simple, Rey wears an amazing costume that includes:

  • Beige cropped pants.
  • A sleeveless beige top and there should be no collar in it.
  • Arm wraps, which you can prepare by using bandage wraps.
  • Cotton gauze for preparing Rey’s shoulder dropping, which will crisscross on the front side and then hang freely.
  • A leather packet book with a strap.
  • A brown leather belt.
  • Worn-looking boots.
  • Muslin for the head wrap.
  • Rey Skywalker lightsaber.

Rey costume tutorial:

Follow these tips when you got all things needed to cosplay Rey:

  • Let’s begin by wrapping ace banging on the top of your arms and then apply a Velcro over the wrap.
  • Now you have to put on the waist cuff. First, measure your waist and then cut the fabric to the right length so that you can wrap it around your waist.
  • When it comes to dropping, first measure the size of the fabric. Remember that you will also need fabric for crisscrossing. The fabric should reach your waist on the backside and it should go to the length of your knees after crisscrossing.
  • There is no need to sew a shirt because you can buy Rey Skywalker top online and use it under the dropping.
  • Her pants are not too long. Its length will be slightly below the knee.
  • Check Rey’s images with head wrap and tie your headwrap accordingly. Connect both ends of the fabric after wrapping it to get a genuine movie-like appearance.

It won’t seem perfect if your costume is all clean because Rey’s costume looks a bit grimy in the movie. You can use a very light coat of black spray paint to get that grimy look. Or, you can also prepare a cup of coffee, blend it into the water, and then spray it over your costume to get that unique Rey Skywalker look.

Professionals try many other complex methods to get the job done, but you don’t need to puzzle with them. A simple sprinkle of the coffee-water mix will give your Rey costume a perfect look. You can buy readymade Rey Skywalker costume if you do not want to buy, measure, cut, and sew multicolour fabrics to prepare the costume and cosplay Rey Skywalker.