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This is a fan blog created by people who love party culture and people who like superheroes. Any items related to superheroes, movies, anime, and game characters appearing here come from fans. We love these characters and hope more people understand and like them.

JOJO cosplay

About the Party culture

The party makes us more happy in our leisure time. Close the distance between us, and provide us with more social opportunities. Know more people, and know more people who have common interests with us.

In recent years, thanks to the progress of the film industry and the popularity of some anime and science fiction works, more and more people have begun to understand that there is a group of people like us in this world: keen to move virtual characters to reality People. You can see the popular One Piece cosplay in some large-scale animation exhibitions. You can also see a lot of cosplayers at the door of Marvel’s new movie premiere screening at Cosplay Spider-Man, Captain America, and so on.

The advancement of industry and technology has made us no longer need to make clothes by ourselves. We can buy cosplay costumes with different shapes and excellent workmanship on the Internet. This is our time, making it easier for us to show our love to others. It is also easier to meet more strangers because of common hobbies.



At the beginning it was a very niche culture. In our childhood, we dreamed of being the one in the movie, animation, and story. Do you want to be a beautiful little girl like a princess in a Disney story. Do you also want to be a member of power rangers? Or fight side by side with Thor in the latest Marvel movie?

That’s right, we all have more or less fantasies.

Cosplay is such a wonderful thing. For us, cosplay is displayed to people from the beginning to the end, this process is full of fun. Because of our love, we began to observe the actions of our favorite characters, his dress, his appearance in the story and even his iconic language in the story. We look forward to people praising us for doing well when they see our work!

In the current network society, sharing and communication is already a very simple and efficient way of life. The fun of cosplay has also become easier to spread. If you are also interested in cosplay, you may wish to check out blissuit.

joker cosplay

The essence of life is communication. It is the best thing to communicate with people who share common interests. We hope that will become such a vessel for communication, so that our hobbies will go further and further in the ocean of human beings.